"Opening up design by printing technology"

With FORTINA Toppan opens the design world by utilising printing technology.
FORTINA is a product that combines superior design and high-performance decorative surface materials with aluminium profiles. Whilst reproducing as close as possible the texture of natural materials, the product has the high quality and stability required for industrial purposes.
By minimising the weight and length of the material and reducing discolouration and deformation prevalent in natural materials, FORTINA is able to deliver an innovative design not previously possible. FORTINA can deliver innovative designs that were previously impossible.

FORTINA will continue to evolve as a design material with the possibility of expansion into spatial design.

"The FORTINA Story"

FORTINA originated in April 2009.

In order to meet the needs of many of our customers who "wanted to replace the Japanese streetscapes with richer and more beautiful designs," Toppan, after many years of research, created a highly weather resistant decorative surface material.
After development, the decorative surface material, combined with aluminium profile obtained a incombustible material certification and starting with louvers, was subsequently commercialised. The product has now been adopted in numerous buildings such as train stations, airports, hotels, stores, medical facilities and condominiums.
The product line-up continues to expand, and now includes not only louvers but also a variety of products such as spandrels (slat system) and handrails.

Toppan will deliver FORTINA not only to the Japanese market but also worldwide. Toppan will endeavour to fulfil the requests for improving streetscapes and spaces around the world making the designs more interesting and beautiful to view.