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Toppan Printing, founded in1900, one of the leading printing companies in Japan, will take place as a partner exhibitor of Paola Lenti at the Fuorisalone of Milan from the 12th to 17th of April 2016. Toppan Printing, which boasts its high qualities in design, material research and its development that was recognized by a well-known Italian brand Paola Lenti, will spread them from Milan, the center of the international global design.

At the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria, with their history of hundreds of years and the fresco from the 17th century,Toppan Printing will hold an improvisation with a completely novel design to innovate on conventional image.

To express the theme of the Paola Lenti 2016, “RELAZIONI”, Toppan Printing will take an important roll with FORTINA.

To respond to voice of customers, Toppan Printing has developed the decorative foils that are suitable for exterior use, with high weather resistance, which was the start of FORTINA. This foil, which is made from PP (Polypropylene) and attached to Aluminum, is often used for louvres, spandrels etc, as well as decorative and functional purposes, such as for the exteriors of train stations, interior and exteriors for Hotels, offices and even for private households.

Toppan Printing is focusing not only on their current market in Japan but also is aiming for an overseas promotion making a step forward to their dream to make “more beautiful and creative skylines all over the world.”


“Paola Lenti”,is an Interior products Manufacturer, established in 1994 in Milan by a graphic designer, “Paola Lenti”. “Paola Lenti” produces beautiful and unique rugs and furniture, with characeristics of originally developed “high qualified materials”,“bright colors” and “design”. Outdoor furniture earn a reputation for the sophisticated design in addition to the superb functionality and durability.

PAOLA LENTI image photo PAOLA LENTI image photo

Fuorisalone 2016

Art design event : Various places, such as Brera area in Milan centre, Triennale, University of Milan, Tortona area adjacent to the canal district, and Garibaldi station, are used as the temporary exhibition space.
Paola Lenti’s exhibition takes place at Societa Umanitaria in Milan.

Date: 2016.4.12-4.17 / Press Day 2016.4.11 Place: Societa Umanitaria -FuoriSalone- Address: Via Francesco Daverio,7,20122 Milano,Italy Date: 2016.4.12-4.17 / Press Day 2016.4.11 Place: Societa Umanitaria -FuoriSalone- Address: Via Francesco Daverio,7,20122 Milano,Italy

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