【TOPPAN’s News Letter September 2020】Toppan’s Newly Developed Product PP Film with Antibacterial Finish

Nowadays, the demand for sanitary or disinfected goods has been increasing dramatically on a global scale. Responding to such a circumstance, it is our pleasure to introduce our newly developed product, PP (Non-PVC) film with antibacterial finish. Our PP film stock items, ”HDONE”, also started shifting to antibacterial standards. Below is a brief introduction of our antibacterial finish features.  

Agent type

Inorganic antibacterial agent. Processing method and area: Applying the agent on the top coat layer of the film by gravure printing.  

The definition of Anti bacterial

Inhibiting bacteria for a long period is referred to as antibacterial. It is distinguished from pasteurization and eradication, which temporarily kills and eliminates bacteria.  

Certified by SIAA

SIAA is a Japanese organization issuing certifications not only for antibacterial but also antivirus and mold prevention. The testing method for antibacterial is based on the instructions of ISO22196 as well as JIS Z 2801.


*The sales territories are currently limited to Asia, Oceania, and Middle East due to the regulation of EPA and BPR. On the other hand, PCP/PU Papers with an antibacterial finish are now under preparation for global market.



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