C-lab. Meeting the market needs and communicating the indications of a new era

What's C-lab.?

Based on our experience earned from our long history of surface design planning and production for living spaces, we at Toppan have created “C-lab. (Toppan Creative Laboratory)” to look from a surface design(2D) to a product design(3D), and from a total perspective, so that we can suggest the new products and overall spatial look to suit your needs.

At “C-lab.” , we survey and analyze the consumer’s current living space, and based on our proprietary network and cutting-edge information, and taking into account the latest residential, commercial, and global design trends, communicate the “signs” of the times in the form of <<C-lab. Concepts>>. Furthermore, we’re pursuing another of C-lab.’s missions, the pursuit of textural expression, from a variety of perspectives based on the idea of CMF (Color, Material, Finish) + P (Pattern).

C-lab.'s Activities Meeting the market needs and communicating the indications of a new era

Assessment of trend

C-lab. explores and analyzes trends in domestic interior design, shop & facility design, and global design, to accumulate and systematically organize design knowledge for the purpose of assessing the design trend. Its exploration processes emphasize CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) for better surface design development.

Interior Design Wave Researching the trends of Japanese interiors Shop / Design Wave Researching the trends of Japanese shops and contract design / Global Design Wave Researching Grasping the trends of global design

Analysis, Examination, Prediction

Unique Perspectives to Find the Indications

At this stage, C-lab. analyzes and compares the results of assessing the three design trends to find out the similarities, uniqueness, and relevance of design in these trends. This enables C-lab. to uncover the indications of a new era, and to develop variety of new designs and ideas.

Assessment of domestic interior design trend Interior Design Wave

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  • Assessment of social trend
  • Analysis of people's preferences
  • Analysis of interior, furniture, design
  • etc.
Assessment of domestic shop & facility design trend Shop Design Wave

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  • Analysis of shop design trend
  • Analysis of Healthcare, Hotel and Hospitality design trend
  • etc.
Assessment of global design trend Global Design Wave

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  • Analysis of cutting-edge design trend
  • Analysis of domestic design trend
  • etc.
Achievement of surface design with Realistic Texture

CMF(Color・Material・Finish) +P(Pattern) Development of surface design to add more colors to a living space

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Trend Communication C-lab Concept

C-lab. Communicates the Future Trend


In this high-information society, consumers are surrounded by a virtually unlimited amount of information. As the “signs” of “essential awareness” show, from this point on it is vital that we re-appraise “what we wish to hold dear” and “what is essential for us”.
This appears to be a different way of thinking than the traditional love for things of high value and extravagance. Consumers want to find a balance between relations with those in the community and ties to the global environment, to not be a tool of convenient technology but to learn to socialize and to live with each other. They want to choose information rather than be used or manipulated by it, to “live a life that is important for themselves”,to make choices based on their own judgment. C-lab. is being noticed by those kinds of consumers who want to find - A Wise Way of Living -

  • Sailing Wisely, and more moderately Holding your own will as you gently follow the flow of the times.

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  • Spark Joy Wisely, and more enjoyably Enjoying your own life naturally

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  • Roots Wisely, and more firmly Moving carefully into the new age and breathing in newness while holding lasting love for your town and those around you.

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Figure of Interior Style Concept